Golfing Fun For Everyone!

Helping golf simulator owners and driving ranges reach a new level of fun and enjoyment by making it easy to play and compete together with friends, family and children.

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We Think Golf Simulators Are Too Dry, Boring And Over-Complicated ...

So we built our own! Our software is FUN, ENJOYABLE and EASY TO USE, a great excuse to play even more golf with your friends and family!

Who knows, there could be a future World No. 1 golfer living with you! 🤔

Transform Your Launch Monitor With A Full Suite Of Games...
13 Awesome Modes
To Choose From!

---- RANGE 2.0

4 Modes For Continuous Game Improvement...

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  • Accurate data for your practice sessions.
  • See distances, speeds, spin and more.
  • Practice your approach shots over 13 different distances.
  • Avoid the bunkers, water and trees and get on the green!
  • Dial in your club distances to lower your scores.
  • Compare clubs to find the best fit.
  • All the data, presented in one user-friendly screen.
  • Compare clubs, with groupings, deviation and averages.
  • Swing Plane and Swing Video (depending on unit capabilities).
  • Video review from Golf Simulator Videos.

2 Range Views For Unbeatable Shot Data...

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View your key stats:

  • No jargon, intuitive visual data.
  • Club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, ball spin, carry and total distance.
  • Club selection, 3 camera angles, 5 levels of surface firmness.

Full in depth analysis of each shot:

  • Carry, total, roll, ball speed, club speed. 
  • Launch angles, height, descent, lateral, angle of attack, spin & spin axis.
  • Club Path, Face to Path, Face to Target (if available). 
  • Review and playback each shot.


4 challenge modes: Go Head To Head with friends and foes...

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  • 3 shots to get it in close on tricky Par 3 holes.
  • How close to the hole can you get?
  • Use strategy to select the best target.
  • Land in the scoring zones to earn points.
  • Who will get the most points?

Get your friends over For A Few Rounds, will You be the champion?

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  • Test your power!
  • Each player has four shots.
  • Longest drive wins, but only if it’s in-bounds.
  • Do you have the power?
  • Sharpen up your game with these challenges.
  • Shot making tested to the limit.
  • Can you master the ultimate skills challenge?

---- Shoot Outs

Super Splash For kids, big kids and the 'grown ups'...

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  • Chip into the pools to score points.
  • Sounds easy, but watch out for the sharks!
  • Is your short game good enough?

Boat Blast The Most Addictive Golf That Everybody Can Enjoy...

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  • Hit boats for points.
  • Hop between islands to hunt them down!
  • How many boats can you blast?

---- Virtual Golf

Spring Park Hills: Never Miss A Round Of Golf Ever Again...

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Lush, wide fairways, large greens and light wind at this countryside course. You’ve got a real chance of hitting a low score here!

Island Beach: Get All Your Family Involved In The Fun...

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Tropical islands with fabulous beaches are more than a backdrop on this delightful course. Navigate your way round carefully for a good score!

---- Leaderboards

All your stats at your fingertips with the Community App

Compete against a virtual world of golfers online, view detailed player stats for each mode and climb the online leaderboards.

Ideal for...
Garmin R10 / FlightScope Mevo+

Also compatible with other FlightScope models, including X3, Xi Tour, Xi+, Range

Practice Indoors In Any Weather

Transform your simulator experience with a world of golf, where practice means play!

Golf will never get cancelled again, which makes this the most sensible investment you’ll make this season.  Welcome to a new Virtual World of golf!

Play Outdoors, Invite Your Friends Round & Hit Some Golf Balls

Powered by radar technology this reliable, accurate data capture will give you incredible insight into your game.

Invite your mates round for golf, take them on in competitive games, play with your kids or improve your game.


Easy To Install And Easy To Use

You could be playing in less than 3 minutes… What are you waiting for? 


Driving Range Owner? Virtual Golf never gets cancelled...

Transform your Range into a virtual world of golf, where practice means play. 

Year-round custom from golfers and non-golfers alike.

With remote support and a marketing team to help build your business, this is the complete package.

Awesome Golf In The News

Golf Features
“Delivering ‘Seriously Playful Practice’ across all of the driving range bays at Horsham. This versatile, comprehensive, fun, software suite brings a golf experience that caters for both data-hungry serious golfers and players who just want to hit balls and play games.”
Golf Business News
“Whether practicing shot shaping, with unbeatable ball and club data, playing one of the videogame-style Virtual Golf Courses with friends or going head-to-head blowing up boats with a six-year-old, Awesome Golf promises to transform experiences for every type of golfer and golf facility.”
Golf Retailing
“Built for golfers who want to transform their simulator experience, the Awesome Golf Suite App, which is now available to download for free from the Apple App store, is perfect for serious golfers who want data at their fingertips, kids whose shorter game doesn’t always register on traditional software, and every golfer in between who has their sights set on Awesome fun!.”

What Others Are Saying

The most fun investment you’ll make in your golf...

Take advantage of our introductory offer while it lasts!


Low initial payment plus monthly
$ 199
99 USD
  • Plus $9.99 per month
  • Sales tax not included
  • Multi-platform license
  • Feature updates included
  • UK: £199.99 + £9.99 per month inc VAT
  • EU: €229.99 + €10.99 per month inc VAT
  • AU: $319.99 + $14.99 per month inc GST
Introductory Offer


Nothing more to pay!
$ 349
99 USD
  • No recurring fees!
  • Sales tax not included
  • Multi-platform license
  • Feature updates included
  • UK: £349.99 inc VAT
  • EU: €399.99 inc VAT
  • AU: $549.99 inc GST
Introductory Offer

Alternative pricing applies for commercial
multi-bay installations, contact us for a quote.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We are confident that you will be very happy with our software.
However, if you change your mind for any reason you can contact
within 30 days of purchase and we will refund the price paid in full.



Yes, our software comes with a 14 day free trial built-in.  The trial period begins after it first connects to your launch monitor.

Try it, we think you’ll enjoy it!

On the “Sign In” screen, hit the “Register Now” button.


Alternatively, download the free 'Awesome Golf Community' app (Android or iOS) to register your account, track stats for each mode and compete on leaderboards.

No, all our licenses are multi-platform.


You can use any device with your launch monitor – use a PC at home and an iPad at the range!

Subscription fees enable us to commit to a single app which updates automatically with new features, game modes and courses.  There will never be an 'Awesome Golf Suite 2021', just one product which updates itself.  We also need to work closely with resellers and that requires an initial purchase price.


During or after the free trial period, you can make the initial purchase from within Awesome Golf Suite.  Then after the first month it will prompt for the monthly subscription to start.  A subscription is required for continued access to the software.

Download our companion app 'Awesome Golf Community' from the App Store or Google Play.  Then track stats and leaderboards as you play Awesome Golf Suite.  This gives you a second screen to track your progress while playing!

Awesome Golf is only available for FlightScope and Garmin devices at the current time.

Yes, each launch monitor requires a separate license.


For multi-bay installations, please contact us for access to our enhanced version designed for driving ranges and indoor golf centres.

We do not currently sell licenses on our website.  If you download the app, you can buy within the app at any time. Alternatively, you can seek advice and buy via our resellers around the world.

Game Modes

There are currently 10!


1. Range - Shot By Shot

2. Range - Club Distances

3. Range - Approach Shots

4. Challenges - Closest To The Pin

5. Challenges - Longest Drive

6. Challenges - Target Golf

7. Challenges - Skills Challenge

8. Shootouts - Super Splash!

9. Shootouts - Boat Blast!

10. Virtual Golf

We're not stopping there, we have even more in the pipeline.

Yes.  We plan to add a couple of 'real world' courses later this year.

Note that realistic courses are not what Awesome Golf is about.  So we won't be building up loads of different courses or trying to simulate the movement of long grass in 4K.  We can think of a couple of other pieces of software which have got that covered.

We are open to ideas!  If it's a good idea and a good fit, we will do it!

Email us on with the details.

We are working on an advanced coaching mode which will maximise the data presentation and incorporate the more advanced features of high-end launch monitors, enabling better analysis and club fitting.


We are also adding two incredible new Shootouts game modes which are going to be amazing!


...and there's one or two other things which we can't talk about yet!


Ensure that your device is connected to the FlightScope.  Test by using a FlightScope app.  Close the FlightScope app before retrying Awesome Golf.  If connects with a FlightScope app, but won’t connect with Awesome Golf, then please contact us via .

Most likely there is another app or another device connected to the FlightScope already.

You need to close the other software before connecting with Awesome Golf, because the FlightScope will only allow one app to connect to it at a time.

No, the FlightScope units will only accept a single connection from external software, so this is not possible.

Awesome Golf has been tested and is supported on the X3, Mevo+, Xi+, Xi Tour and Range units. Older units may or may not work, but we offer a 14 day free trial, so give it a go and let us know!

Yes, absolutely.  The Mevo+ and Awesome Golf are a perfect match!

No.  The Mevo+ does not provide this information under any circumstances.

Club Head Speed and Angle of Attack are provided and visible in Awesome Golf Suite.

Awesome Golf is compatible with all the current FlightScope range except for the Mini Mevo…. but let us know if you think it should be Mini Mevo compatible!  Contact .

Garmin Approach R10

There are a way few ways to connect the R10 to Awesome Golf.

- directly via Bluetooth (iPhone or iPad).

- via the Awesome Golf Assistant app on the same device as Garmin Golf (Android or iOS) and  Awesome Golf Simulator on iPad or PC.

1. Install the "Awesome Golf Assistant" app (Android or iOS) on the same device as Garmin Golf.

2. Download and install "Awesome Golf Simulator" to your PC.  You can get it by hitting the Free Trial button on this website.

3. Open Garmin Golf and ensure it is connected to your R10.

4. Open Awesome Golf Simulator on your PC and select Garmin.

5. Open Awesome Golf Assistant on the same device as Garmin Golf.

6. Hit the "Sync" button and scan the QR code on the PC screen.

Hey presto!  You're connected!

No, Awesome Golf Assistant needs to be the foreground app so that it can actively capture the shot data.

If it goes into the background, you will get a message informing you of the connection problem.

No, only the Garmin Approach R10 is compatible with Awesome Golf.

Are you scanning the QR code with the Awesome Golf Assistant app?


Install the Awesome Golf Assistant app on the same device as Garmin Golf.  Open Garmin Golf and check it is connected to the R10.  Then open Awesome Golf Assistant and scan the QR code by pressing the blue Sync button.


Also, please check you are using the Awesome Golf Assistant app and not the Awesome Golf Community app, which has a different QR code scanner for driving ranges and indoor facilities.


If that doesn't work, please let us know.

Yes, we show the club path, face to path and face to target angles.

In various modes you can see the club path as an orange arrow and the initial ball path as a white arrow.

Garmin Golf and Awesome Golf can both capture the same shot at the same time, however the Awesome Golf Assistant/Simulator app needs to be on-screen for it to operate correctly.

No, an internet connection is required.

For a direct Bluetooth connection, please ensure that Garmin Golf is running on the same device and that Garmin Golf is connected to the R10 (check "More", "Garmin Devices" in the Garmin Golf app).


If you don't have Garmin Golf on that PC or iPad, you can go via the Awesome Golf Assistant app.  Run Awesome Golf Assistant on the same device as Garmin Golf and follow the on-screen directions to connect it.

Driving Ranges / Indoor Golf Centres

We have a lot of features tailored for driving ranges.


- Fast QR code logins via companion app.


- Settings and configuration hidden from players.


- Adjustable Range Ball compensation.


- Range specific leaderboards.


- Range specific events and global events e.g. long drive comp.


- Range targets positioned accurately.


- Custom range targets possible.


- 'Timed Play' - payment for an amount of time.


- On-screen notifications customisable per bay. e.g. Covid-19 notice.


- Online configuration of all in-bay settings.


- GDPR compliant marketing to range customers.


- Priority remote support including remote access to each computer.


Ask us about booking time slots or food & beverage integration.



Not to mention the many other advantages, including:

- FlightScope Range units provide club path and club face data, ideal for coaching.


- Track short shots, ideal for chipping, kids modes and virtual golf.


- Fast, responsive and incredibly bright outdoor touchscreen computers.


- Security options including GPS tracking and lockable screen cover.


- Wet & muddy conditions? Net across the front of the bays and use indoor mode.


Contact us via or +441256805380 for more information.

We have various options to improve security, including:


 - Anti-theft via internal GPS tracking.


 - Anti-vandalism via hinged metal locking screen covers.


 - FlightScope units bolted down and protected via enclosure.


 - FlightScope units uniquely identified and usage tracked.


We have also found that the cost of insurance to cover installations can be surprisingly low.


To date we have had no incidents of theft, vandalism or accidental damage.

Yes.  All of our screens are extremely bright and usable in sunlight.

We have a range of high quality, responsive touchscreen computers for indoor and outdoor usage.  They have great viewing angles for others to see too.


They are a joy to use!

Yes, we have partnered with a specialist Food & Beverage software provider.  This offers range owners a flexible, cost effective platform, while customers receive a seamless solution.


There is no minimum number of bays to install.  Start small or go big, your choice.

In some cases it may be possible to set up a trial installation.  Please ask for details.

Contact us via or +441256805380 and we will set it up.

Yes, we have a full installation of 16 bays at Horsham Golf Club in the UK.  This is our reference site.


We also have a some bays installed at other locations, both in the UK and internationally.

We are extremely competitive on price and recommend lease-to-own plans.  After the lease period, there are no more hardware costs.

Yes, in most cases.  We will work with local partners to deliver your solution.

Please drop us a message to .

We install remote access software so that we can immediately connect and resolve any issues.

We can choose between modes to set how far it tracks the ball flight.

In 'Outdoor' mode, it will track most of the ball flight and potentially all the way to the ground.

Many ranges struggle with wet conditions in winter, often needing hand-picking of range balls, which is expensive and problematic.  With Awesome Golf and FlightScope Range units, we offer a unique solution.


By installing a retractable net across the front of the bays, ball flight can be limited to a small area.  We simply switch the ball tracking to an indoor mode and you're good to go - problem solved!

We have an extremely flexible range ball compensation system.  We can take a bucket of your balls and tune our software to compensate the ball spin and speed to match your balls.


Range ball compensation can be enabled or disabled per game mode and per bay.


Our minimum specs are very low due to our very efficient 3D engine and uncomplicated graphics system.

A laptop or desktop PC with a 7th gen (2017+) Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor or better are capable of running the game very smoothly on the Intel integrated graphics.

There is no need to buy a gaming PC with an expensive graphics card!

You can connect to your FlightScope using ethernet or WiFi if your FlightScope model supports these connections.  The Mevo+ only supports WiFi.

USB connections are supported for Xi+ and Xi Tour models.

Yes. Under settings, choose Display, select “Window” and a suitable resolution. Drag the window to the desired monitor, then select Fullscreen.

If you need an additional WiFi connection, we recommend the "Edimax EW-7811UTC AC600" USB WiFi adapter for best compatibility with the Mevo+.

Most WiFi adapters work fine, but there are a few which struggle.


Yes, Awesome Golf works well on all recent models of iPhone.  The layout is designed for iPads, but it all still works.

Using an iPhone avoids the internet connection problem which some iPads will have and you can project the screen via an Apple TV (or AirPlay 2 compatible TV).  Note that the aspect ratio may be very wide.  Use our built-in 14 day free trial to test it and find the best solution.

You can connect to your FlightScope using WiFi or ethernet if your FlightScope supports these connections.  To use ethernet, you will require an ethernet adapter which is compatible with your iPad / iPhone.

USB connections are not possible on iOS.

The minimum iOS version is 13.  This means that the oldest compatible iPad variants are...

iPad: 5th gen from 2017.

iPad Mini: 4th gen from 2015.

iPad Air: 2nd gen "iPad Air 2" from 2014.

iPad Pro: all supported.


Check out this Apple support article with suggestions.

Resolve Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues caused by wireless interference - Apple Support

You need to have an internet connection at the same time as being connected to the FlightScope for Awesome Golf to work. iPads only allow one WiFi connection, so this can be a problem.


The easiest solution is to use an iPad which has a 4G or 5G cell/mobile data connection built-in.


Some folks are able to get internet through a Bluetooth connection to their phone, but this depends on the network.


Another option is to attach a compatible ethernet adapter to the iPad and connect the ethernet cable to a WiFi access point / router / network switch.


It is also possible to use an ethernet connection to FlightScope models with an ethernet port, e.g. X3.


We are aware of an issue regarding multiple WiFi connections on recent versions of MacOS.  Basically USB WiFi adapters are no longer supported.  Until this is resolved we don't have any plans to release a Mac version.


The Awesome Golf Assistant (for Garmin R10) and Community apps are available on Android.

In terms of Awesome Golf Simulator, unfortunately, Android is not capable of simultaneously talking to the FlightScope over WiFi while using mobile data to connect to the internet.  As a result, we have no plans to release a consumer version for Android.

It could be possible to release an Android version for the Garmin R10 only.  Let us know if you want this to happen via .

Contact Us


+44 1256 805380



+44 1256 805381


Golfing Fun For Everyone!

“Great kit – I’ve used them loads of times since they’ve gone in. They’re fab, from looking at individual practice data to play a ‘virtual round’ with a mate because the weather’s so bad, you can’t get on the course.”

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